How Do I Identify The Breed Of My Mutt

There are so many different dog breeds today that unidentified crossbreeds are inevitable.  These unidentified crossbreeds are known as mutts. Mutts are not recognized by the American Kennel Club since they are note purebred. Many owners of mutts often ask; how do I identify the breed of my mutt? There are a few different things you can do to help identify which breeds your mutt is mixed with.
First, you can analyze the physical features and characteristics of your mutt. Then you can cross-reference these traits with other breeds to find which one it most resembles. You want to pay attention to the head shape, fur color, proportions, height, weight, fur pattern, and ear size.  You can also try to identify what breed your mutt is by observing their temperament. This can help identify what group your mutt belongs to. If your dog is energetic and active then it can be associated with the working group. If you are having trouble identifying the breed then you can always ask a veterinarian for their opinion.

Purina Dog Breed Selector

Deciding on a breed of dog for your family can be a tough decision. There are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing a breed for your home. If you are thinking about getting a new pet be sure to check out the purina dog breed selector for help. The selector helps you choose the breed that is best suited for your lifestyle. Just because you love a particular breed, does not mean it is the right breed for you.
The selector consists of a short questionnaire over your personal situation and preferences. After answering all the questions the selector then matches the best breeds for you based on your answers. The Purina Breed Library has detailed information on 117 different dogs. The selector will match you with more than one breed so you have different options to choose from. You can select four of your matches and then compare them to find out which one is best.

Breed Specific Homemade Dog Food Yorkie

Pet owners sometimes make their dogs homemade food rather than purchasing it from the store. A lot of store bought dog foods were contaminated which scared owners into making the food themselves. Many dogs got terribly sick due to the contamination of store bought food.  If you are preparing food for your pet you need to be sure that the food contains the proper nutrients your dog needs.
Before you start preparing homemade food for your pet, you should find out if homemade foods are even healthy for the type of breed you own. A lot of people ask is there breed specific homemade dog food yorkie? The best homemade foods a Yorkie can eat are usually vegetables. In fact, most breeds can eat some type of vegetable because they are really healthy for them. Some common vegetables for dogs to eat are carrots and green beans. You can steam the carrots or give it to them raw. Dogs actually enjoy the vegetables better than other doggie treats.

Dog Breeds Originating In The Indian Subcontinent

The Indian Pariah is one of the most popular dog breeds originating in the Indian subcontinent. A pariah is a reference to a breed of particular dogs from India and China. Pariah dogs will generally all be the same size and color. They are commonly found in Laos, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, United States, Korea, the Phillipines, and Borneo.

The Indian Pariah dog is said to have been the first breed of dog in history. They are found all over the Indian subcontinent and are the original breed of the country. They make great guard and watch dogs since they have natural territorial instincts. They are highly alert and will bark at the slightest sound around them. Some Indian Pariahs are kept as pets in rural villages and others wander around as scavengers throughout the city. The ones that are found in the city are usually mixed with other breeds and are not considered purebreds. 

Severe Macaw Breeders

The severe macaw is a miniature version of the macaw. This also gives them the name mini macaw. These birds make wonderful pets and posses all the same qualities and characteristics of the macaw. Their small size makes them easy to handle which is a plus since they enjoy playing with their keepers. They will have to be socialized as babies in order to be around lots of people. If they are not socialized they will only be accustomed to one person.

Due to their popularity we are now starting to see a growth in the number of severe macaw breeders. Severe macaw breeders typically sell their birds at a wide range of prices. Some can be as low as $400 and others can sell for over $900. Breeders will also generally take a percentage of the price as a deposit to hold the bird for you to purchase. They make great pets since they have a lifespan that ranges from 30 to 80 years. 

Can I Breed My Tri Color To A Castor Mini Rex

The mini rex is one of the most popular breeds of rabbits in the United States. This is due to their soft coats, great personalities, and small size. When fully grown these rabbits only weigh about four pounds. Their soft fur is actually caused by a mutation first recognized in France during the 19th century. The mini rex comes in a wide spectrum of colors. Some popular colors and patterns for these rabbits include chinchilla, castor, otter, tri-color, and lilac.

The tri color mini rex is solid white with Chocolate & Orange, Black & Orange, Blue & Fawn, or Lilac & Fawn. The castor mini rex is a beautiful chestnut color with black tips. Many breeders ask, can I breed my tri color to a castor mini rex? It is best to breed mini rex rabbits with other rabbits that are the same variety. A tri color mini rex should only be bred with another tri color mini rex, and a castor should only be bred with another castor. This is to prevent genetic defects among the breeds and improve the genetics of the mini rex breed overall. 

Types Of Dog Breeds Prone To Leukemia

Leukemia is a form of cancer that is characterized by an abnormal increase of white blood cells in your blood or bone marrow. Not only can people be diagnosed with leukemia – dogs can have this disease as well. Some signs of leukemia in dogs include loosing blood faster than normal if they are injured, extreme thirst, and in rare cases strong seizures.There are certain types of dog breeds prone to leukemia more than others.

Leukemia starts with problems in the bone marrow, and one breed that falls victim to bone cancer are Greyhounds. Acute leukemia can be found in Labrador Retrievers . They are also prone to have a disease closely related to Leukemia called Lymphona. Due to inbreeding, Pugs are another breed likely to be diagnosed with Leukemia. You can check the color of their gums to verify if they have the disease. The dogs listed are breeds that tend to get the disease faster than others, but the truth is all dogs have a chance of getting leukemia. It is important to have regular veterinary check-ups to ensure your pet is in good health.